Treatment Goal Selection and Affect in SUD Participants

Relationship of Treatment Goal Selection and Affect in SUD Participants

Treatment Goal selection research overview

This recent poster from one of Alternatives’ research group, shows some difference in emotional well-being based on abstinence, or moderation, treatment goal selection. The results suggest that while treatment goal selection does not impact improvement on negative emotions (both groups substantially improve), only the moderation participants improved their functioning on positive emotions. So while everyone felt “Less Bad” only moderation clients felt “More Good.” Some serious food for thoughts since nearly ALL treatment in the United States only offers abstinence as a goal.

At the least, this research continues the trend of previous studies at Alternatives showing that moderation treatment should begin being considered as a relevant, and effective, treatment option for individuals who are struggling with alcohol problems. Being to select their own treatment goal seems to lead to no reduction in improvement during treatment and, perhaps, even to improved outcomes.

That’s pretty exciting!


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