Soberlink innovates and develops technology designed for monitoring alcohol use. Their mobile breathalyzer system promotes accountability and connectivity through real-time mobile testing and alerts. It’s a 21st century solution to an age old problem in an industry that rarely changes.

At Alternatives, we believe that technology can help make treatment better. That’s why we use Soberlink with all of our clients to monitor their alcohol use. The device allows our staff to monitor alcohol use even when clients are outside the office, creating 24/7 accountability. From making family feel secure to allowing court-case advocacy, Alternatives’ use of Soberlink is unmatched in the treatment industry.

Soberlink is a professional grade breathalyzer in a mobile package

Soberlink Advantages:

  • User-friendly, discreet, intuitive technology
  • Accurate Professional Grade fuel cell sensor
  • Real-time test results and alerts

The soberlink online portal allows Alternatives' staff to customize the use of the device for each clientLinking Sobriety with Technology

With Soberlink at Alternatives, we dedicate staff to monitor daily breath tests, typically 3 times per day. Testing times can be set according to the patient’s schedule – from wakeup to bedtime. We set up the schedule to minimize interference with daily activities while still maximizing accountability for our clients.

We’ve used the data from our use of the Soberlink device to conduct groundbreaking research, showing that our clients perform incredibly well in regards to their drinking. No other treatment can show this because urine testing for alcohol has been shown to be incredibly ineffective in identifying drinking occasions.

Our clients rely on Alternatives to keep up with research, evidence-base and technology to deliver the best treatment available. We’re proud to make around-the-clock alcohol monitoring part of that solution.


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