Services- 1week

Some clients can benefit from a short term, condensed addiction treatment program that quickly gets at the root of the problem and helps them recover some of the self-control they feel they have lost. The Alternatives one-week Self-Discovery Bootcamp program gives clients access to the same intensive week that starts off our Life-Transformation outpatient treatment program. Clients spend the entire day with us from 9am until 7pm for five-and-a-half consecutive days. As always, this treatment program begins with a thorough assessment that allows our professional staff to identify any underlying issues and tailor our treatment to provide clients with maximum benefit. In one week, clients find themselves better able to recognize, identify, and resolve issues related to their substance use and compulsive habits. Good things CAN come in small packages!

Who is it for?

This program is for individuals who are looking to quit drinking and/or using drugs using a non 12-step approach. The one-week intensive program is a great fit for clients who know that their substance use is becoming an issue in their lives and know that they need help to resolve that problem. This program is also for individuals who have been through treatment before and are feeling as if they need a “booster” to realign their goals and behavior or who feel that their treatment has left them “wanting more.” Many of our one-week participants are extremely successful executives who are highly motivated to change and are ready to be challenged. The short treatment length allows them to fit treatment into their life in a discrete way (we can also work with clients across two consecutive weekends to allow them to continue working uninterrupted). The one-week intensive addiction treatment program is also a great option for our out-of-state clients who would rather not, or are unable to, stay with us in Los Angeles for one of the Comprehensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs. For out-of-state clients, the Bootcamp includes three additional months of post-stay support and monitoring (remote breathalyzers and mood monitoring).

What Is Included in the Assessment?

Treatment begins with an extensive assessment that help our staff determine the most important and relevant focus for treatment.

• A thorough medical history and physical examination along with screening laboratory tests, performed by an attending physician.

• Toxicology screens

Genetic Testing

• A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation by a board-certified psychiatrist

• Psychological interview and testing

• Quantitative EEG (QEEG) Brain-Scan and analysis

• A full psychometric evaluation of substance-use related issues including:

• Addiction Severity Index (ASI)

• Alcohol Dependence Scale (ADS)

• Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (S-MAST)

• Cocaine, amphetamine and opiate dependence screening

• A psychological evaluation performed by a clinician, which may include:

• Depression, Anxiety and ADHD Assessments

• Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory – II (MMPI-II)

• Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE)

In addition to the above-mentioned thorough assessment, the Bootcamp program includes an intensive introduction to our Bio-Affective Management™ program. Clients receive over 30 hours of individual and mini-group work focusing on:

• Choice-control restructuring™ – Addressing learning-related brain changes linked to using that rob clients of behavioral control

• Affect-response regulation training ™ – Building awareness around the relationship between emotions & self-defeating behavior

• Core-issues resolution – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based individual & group sessions addressing past & present issues contributing to addiction problem

• Mindfulness – Meditation & mood regulation techniques proven to help addicts regain a measure of control

• Neuro-education – Guidance about the relationship between addiction & the brain as well as tools to compensate for neuronal deficits

• Structural Scaffolding Training™ – Evidence-based techniques to improve clients’ grasp on their daily activities & direction in life

• Biofeedback – Individually tailored treatment that reduces anxiety, improves sleep & resolves impulsivity issues helping clients reduce their need to self medicate

What Will You Achieve?

The vast majority of our One-Week Intensive Addiction Treatment Program clients are abstinent for the duration of the program. This is true even for those clients who don’t trust that they can maintain any length of abstinence and allows for the best retention. It also allows our clients to get the maximal benefit from the full-length days they spend with us. Following the one-week addiction treatment program clients will develop a new understanding of the relationship between their substance use, biological system and emotional reactivity. Clients are armed with a new and effective “Toolbox” and feel ready to tackle their substance use in ways they previously thought impossible. While clients rarely feel that their problems have been resolved in one-week, most report that their relationship with their “drug of choice” feels forever altered and that their renewed understanding has renewed their sense of hope and excitement for the future. Clients receive the absolute latest research-supported treatment and we have experienced an extremely high success-rate (over 90%) in reducing substance use and substance-related problems for clients participating in this extremely short-term program. Many of our one-week intensive clients stay connected with the Alternatives’ staff through our after-care monitoring and through ongoing Alternatives groups. This post-treatment care, which is an integral part of the Alternatives system, helps clients who can only stay with us for a limited length of time to extend their treatment indefinitely at a very low-cost and with minimal interruption to their life.