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The Jump-Start Alternatives Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program is a two -month intensive outpatient experience. Clients progress through a multiphase program that begins with an intensive introduction to the Alternative Bio-Affective Management system and continues by gradually reducing their treatment commitment. By providing our treatment in an outpatient setting we are able to work with clients on real-life challenges as they present themselves rather than isolating them in a residential setting that bares little resemblance to their everyday life. When they graduate, clients are provided with a certificate and lifetime access to our aftercare services.

We work with clients to develop a program schedule that fits their lifestyle helping to accommodate work constraints and other obligations.

The Jump-Start outpatient program is able to accommodate abstinence drinking goals for clients. Clients who wish to explore moderate-drinking goals should enroll in our Life-Transformation addiction treatment program or sign-up for the two-month treatment program followed by a four-month post-treatment monitoring and supervision aftercare extension.

Who is it for?

This program is for individuals who are looking to quit drinking and/or using drugs using a non 12-step approach. The two-month Alternative outpatient addiction treatment program is the perfect solution for clients who know that their substance use is a problem and are ready to commit to solving it but who are unable to partake in the full six-month program. This program is also for individuals who have been through treatment before and are feeling as if their treatment has left them “wanting more.”

Many of our clients are extremely successful executives who are highly motivated to change and are ready to be challenged. Other clients have tried multiple other treatment programs (as many as 18!) with little long-lasting success and are seeking a completely different approach that might finally succeed where others have failed.

What Is Included in the Assessment?

Treatment begins with an extensive assessment that help our staff determine the most important and relevant focus for treatment.

• A thorough medical history and physical examination along with screening laboratory tests, performed by an attending physician.

• Toxicology screens

Genetic Testing

• A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation by a board-certified psychiatrist

• Psychological interview and testing

Quantitative EEG (QEEG) Brain-Scan and analysis

• A full psychometric evaluation of substance-use related issues including:

• Addiction Severity Index (ASI)

• Alcohol Dependence Scale (ADS)

• Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (S-MAST)

• Cocaine, amphetamine and opiate dependence screening

• A psychological evaluation performed by a clinician, which may include:

          • Depression, Anxiety and ADHD Assessments

          • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory – II (MMPI-II)

          • Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE)

In addition to the above thorough assessment, the program includes an intensive introduction to our Bio-Affective Management™ program. Client receive over 30 hours of individual session in the first week alone focusing on:

• Choice-control restructuring™ – Addressing learning-related brain changes linked to using that rob clients of behavioral control

• Affect-response regulation training ™ – Building awareness around the relationship between emotions & self-defeating behavior

• Core-issues resolution – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based individual & group sessions addressing past & present issues contributing to addiction problem

• Mindfulness – Meditation & mood regulation techniques proven to help addicts regain a measure of control

• Neuro-education – Guidance about the relationship between addiction & the brain as well as tools to compensate for neuronal deficits

• Structural Scaffolding Training™ – Evidence-based techniques to improve clients’ grasp on their daily activities & direction in life

• Biofeedback – Individually tailored treatment that reduces anxiety, improves sleep & resolves impulsivity issues helping clients reduce their need to self medicate

While being treated at Alternatives, clients are exposed to a wide set of evidence-based and research-backed psychotherapy, psycho-education, and wellness tools that improve their functioning and give them back the power to live up to the fullest potential. We believe in empowering our clients by allowing them to understand and then improve their own lives. Some of the many tools utilized in our clinic include:

• Intensive 24/7 alcohol monitoring

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

• Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

• Mindfulness Therapy

• Family Therapy

• Group Therapy

• Relapse Prevention

• Wellness training (exercise and nutrition)

• Motivational Interviewing (MI)

• Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

• Moderation Training

• Exposure Therapy

• Extensive Technology-Driven Monitoring

What Will You Achieve?

Our Comprehensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment program leaves clients ready to take on life with an altered relationship to their substance use. Clients in this program are able to understand and address their substance use issues, cravings, and triggers in a manner that results in significantly improved life-functioning. While we cannot guarantee that all clients will be able to achieve moderate drinking as a goal, we assure our clients that we will support them in that pursuit and will continue to examine their substance use goals in relation to their behavior and emotional- and social-functioning.

Clients receive the absolute latest research-supported treatment and we have experienced an extremely high success-rate (nearly 100%) in reducing substance use and substance-related problems for clients participating in this program.