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Alternatives Addiction Treatment Center – Treatment for the 21st century

Orange County – Newport Beach – Costa Mesa

Alternatives Addiction Treatment is an innovative addiction treatment center located in the Orange County, CA.

Alternatives Addiction Treatment will give you real world skills to take control of your life again. Our Orange County addiction treatment center is here to help guide you through this challenging time by putting you in control of your recovery. Combining world renowned expertise of our physicians with an innovative approach and the latest technology to addiction treatment, our recovery programs offer a discrete supportive environment with highly individualized treatment options.

At Alternatives Addiction Treatment our philosophy is different from traditional drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. We don’t believe that strict abstinence is a realistic solution for many people. We offer assistance to clients that are trying to control their addiction in a way that allows them to make better choices and develop skills for moderation. After years of research, we’ve developed the innovative Bio-Affective Management system to teach individuals about the relationship between their drug and alcohol use and the physical and emotional factors that influence their choices. This philosophy allows us to treat people, rather than just an addiction.

At our Orange County location:

  1. Clients are treated with dignity and respect
  2. Neurofeedback Rooms address brain imbalances
  3. Exclusive Bio-Affective Management Treatment
  4. Newport Beach just minutes away
  5. And much, much more!

If you are struggling with substance use problems and are ready to explore your options call us today at (888) 532-9137.

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