What Do Our Clients Say About Alternatives?

Alternatives helps clients change their lives and we are proud of the work we do. Our clients’ identities must, obviously, be kept confidential but we receive many compliments about the benefits our services provide. Here is a small sampling:

“Drs. Jaffe and Kern, I am writing to tell you how happy we are with the results that our 25-year old son is experiencing after going through your 6-month program.  Before coming to Alternatives he had issues with addiction, including behavioral, drug, and alcohol.  The root cause of those issues was trauma, and so many of the traditional programs were not a great fit.  Your multi-pronged approach has really served him well.  His life is significantly improved, and he is beginning to feel good about himself again.  Thank you very much.”  (D.)

“Dear Dr. Jaffe, thank you for creating this program that truly changed my life. After my [Rehab and Sober-living] experience, I was so broken and disheartened… I genuinely believed there was nothing that could help me… I was devastated by the options offered to me… Thank you for showing me another way. Thank you for helping me understand that I can choose and create any future I want. Finding your team was literally a life-saver for me.” (L.)

Dr. Kern: it’s been nearly a year since we last communicated, and I’m delighted to say it’s been a very good time! The combination of Dr. X’s prescription, [my son’s] determination and training, have resulted in his being (as best I can tell) abstinent since then. If he hasn’t been purely ‘dry’, he’s managed his consumption very well. He is back doing what he loves in the music industry – and is doing well enough at it that he’s ready paying his rent — very good for a free lance engineer. We’ve seen him numerous times for social occasions, and he’s delightful. Humorous and witty, and very, very sharp on numerous topics. I have my son back! :-)). I thank you and the Alternatives staff for all your efforts, which have born fruit!

“Dr. Jaffe, you, Dr. Kern [and the rest of the staff] played a critical role in the transformation of someone who had been struggling with prescription medications and recreational drugs to someone who is a contributing member of the community.  When she read an article by you and you accepted her telephone call that was the beginning of her journey from a confused, angry young person to the young lady she is today.  She is no longer on any medications or recreational drugs.  We sincerely appreciate you and your staff’s dedication to your work and wanted to let you know that she is one of your success stories.”  (M.)

“Dr. Jaffe, thank you for the most amazing week that has changed my life forever.  Everything you and the entire staff are doing at Alternatives is so amazing!  Thank you for publicly sharing your story of your personal struggles.  It is the reason I decided to come to your program.  Your story online provided me not only with hope but the confidence that I could change my behavior.  I am excited for my future.  I look forward to talking with you soon in our upcoming sessions.”  (C.)