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The Alternatives Brain Institute (ABI) is a division of Alternatives Behavioral Health, LLC. and its services are an integral part of the Alternatives Addiction treatment program. ABI has a mission to provide integrated brain and mind services to meet the changing needs of individuals throughout their lives.

Many of our clients report problems with attention (like ADHD), anxiety, OCD or sleep and our Brain Institute is the place where many of those problems get erased without medication and with incredible long-term success!

ABI functions something like your very own Brain Gym, with individualized biofeedback and neurofeedback and access to the coolest and most effective brain toys and biofeedback training devices. We are an evidence-based practice, meaning we help you look at your brain function as well as examine how your mind works, and work with you to build strengths and resources, flexibility, and better performance. Individualized programs at ABI combine cognitive fitness strategies and practices, as well as cutting edge technology.

Our Alternatives Brain Institute is like your own Brain Gym!

We feel it’s time we started treating the brain and mind like muscles that we should be working out, flexing, and tuning, just like we diet and exercise to improve our physical health. Optimal performance and mind/brain training can benefit brains at any age, and be tailored to specific needs.

Contact us today to see how we can incorporate Biofeedback into your life, whether you are struggling with addiction problems, or just want to get the most from your brain.

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