Neurofeedback: A Promising Alternative Therapy for PTSD

Medication is one of the most common treatments for PTSD, yet research suggests it works only about half the time By Dr. Adi Jaffe This weekend I was reading a gripping story in New York Times Magazine about Sam Siatta,… Read More

The Dirty Little Secret of Abstinence Treatment

Abstinence treatment is the norm in alcohol rehab programs, yet research shows many people secretly continue drinking throughout By Dr. Adi Jaffe Last week I was standing outside of one of the SMART Recovery meetings we host at Alternatives when a woman… Read More

5 Tips for a Better New Year’s Eve

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Radical Acceptance: The Key to Surviving the Holidays

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5 Tips to Help You Drink Smart and Stay Cool on Thanksgiving

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Is neurofeedback the solution to Marijuana addiction?

Alternatives Addiction Treatment
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You might want to Curb Your Enthusiasm about Marijuana Legalization

Alternatives Addiction Treatment
Marijuana is currently legal for personal use in four states. As it stands, another five, including California, will vote on marijuana legalization in the upcoming November 2016 election. Here in California there’s a lot of enthusiasm for legalization: recent polls… Read More