holds a #14days of Abstinence Challenge!!!

Dr. Jaffe on the #14days CBS challenge!!!

Dr. Jaffe was recently featured on a feature challenging everyone to taking a two-week break from drinking (see here). The goal was to challenge people to think about the struggles of addiction recovery and the health consequences related to… Read More

Trust in early recovery – A tough road ahead

Trust can be hard to achieve in early recovery

One of the most common complaints we hear from many of our clients has to do with not being trusted by their family members. The client is doing the work. They’re staying sober and moving forward. But the family keeps… Read More

Robin Williams, dead at 63

Robin Williams dies of suicide at 63

Actor Robin Williams was found dead at his home in Northern California this morning. Although a full investigation still needs to be completed, local officials suspect that the cause of death was suicide by asphyxiation. Sources say that Williams had… Read More

How to stop giving up on yourself

Michael Jordan knew that failure and success go hand in hand

When I was 25 I found myself facing 18 years in prison for a string of felonies long enough to make an organized crime boss proud. I had found myself in trouble before but this time I made a decision… Read More

Stanton Peele is coming to Alternatives

Stanton Peele

Dr. Stanton Peele is well known in the field of addiction. He seems to write endlessly and penned his first book “Love and Addiction” two years before I was born. Nowadays we both write for Psychology Today but he seems… Read More

Want to drink less? Search for it

Online searches help drive the offerings in the marketplace

One can get a sense of the social trends pretty easily by following Google search term trends (see So I think it is very telling that a simple search for the term “stop drinking” received 8-10 times more searches… Read More

Executive Function and Addiction

Prefrontal cortex and addiction

Like the Chief Executive Officer of a company, the prefrontal “executive” cortex (PFC) of the brain plans for the future, chooses among competing proposals by other parts of the “company”, and keeps us on track by not allowing us to… Read More

Dr Drew hosts Drs Jaffe and Kern

Dr Kern and Dr Jaffe with Dr Drew

Drs. Jaffe and Kern recently appeared on the Dr Drew podcast for an amazing opportunity to discuss the unique Alternatives Addiction Treatment program. Dr Drew was a great host and a very well-informed addiction expert. Although the good Dr. doesn’t… Read More

Reaching for goals past addiction

Make your goals SMART to improve your odds of success!

For an addict, the prospect of no longer using whatever substance or behavior gets them through each day is daunting. There’s a comfort in knowing your routine even if all it entails is dragging yourself out of bed, taking a… Read More

Problem Drinking and moderation research

Drinking Wine

The link between alcohol consumption and mortality is obvious in today’s society. If crashing a car under the influence doesn’t get you, liver damage, detrimental effects to heart and brain functioning, impaired nutrition, or the consequences of risky behavior will… Read More