What Does Marbled Rye Bread Have to Do with Addiction?

The ratio of dark to light rye bread changes depending on where you slice the loaf. The same is true for addiction—the ratio of biological to psychological factors is different for everyone, and that calls for individualized addiction treatment. By Dr. Marc Kern… Read More

New Study Shows Benefits of Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery

A meta-analysis in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment reveals the many benefits of practicing mindfulness during addiction recovery In a matter of years mindfulness has gone from niche trend to mainstream lifestyle. The National Institutes of Health estimate that as many as… Read More

Overcoming Drug Cravings and Obsessions

By Dr. Adi Jaffe Everything in my life used to be tied to drugs. I used to make music in my studio, but I was always smoking crystal meth while doing it; I had a few girls I was “seeing,”… Read More

Is Addiction a Choice or a Disease?

By Dr. Adi Jaffe A never-ending debate among treatment professionals is over whether addiction is a choice or a disease. Some say those who engage in substance abuse are in complete control over their actions. That’s the “choice and personal… Read More

How Much Is Too Much? A Closer Look at Moderate Drinking

Moderate Drinking at Picnic
Approximately 90% of Americans have had alcohol, about 50% are reported to consume alcohol on a yearly basis, and about 50% or so consume it regularly (as in within the last month). But how many of these people are drinking too… Read More

Creating motivation to overcome addiction: Use carrots, not sticks

Punishment is the status quo for dealing with substance problems, yet research shows rewards are better for helping people break free from addiction By Dr. Adi Jaffe I was giving a presentation on non-traditional addiction treatment approaches to the Orange County… Read More