Do Moderation Programs Encourage Alcoholic Drinking?

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The first part of this series dealt with the introduction of myths that we believe are the reason for the scarcity of non-abstinence treatment programs in the United States (Europe and Australia don’t have such an obvious gap). As a… Read More


Alternatives Addiction Treatment

by Kate Bastida, MFT-I   Oscar noms were announced last week, a sign that the illustrious “awards season” is upon us.  For many of the folks in LA, awards season can signify the highs or lows of one’s career; it… Read More

Why are there not more moderation programs?

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(Originally published on Pro-Talk) Excessive alcohol use is now the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States and 1 in 10 adult deaths is due to excessive alcohol abuse. Pretty scary right? The problem is that most… Read More

SoberLink Benefits

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Click here for video – Benefits of the Soberlink Breathalyzer Monitoring Device for Treating Patients with Addiction – The Doctor’s Channel

Mind & Body: How to Survive & Thrive Over the Holidays

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by Alexa Gray   Here are a few tips from our resident nutrition expert Alexa Gray to help you make it through the holiday season with your sanity and health still in tact. Enjoy!   Tip #1: Rise & Shine… Read More

Providing Insight to Clients

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  A comment by the Co-Founder of Alternatives Behavioral Health: The reality is that all people have the right to self-determination related to whether they use or abuse substances. Ultimately, each new client entering the Alternatives program has the choice… Read More

Holiday Drinking and New Year’s Eve Relapse

Holiday Drinking is common even among abstainers

The holidays are a stressful time for everyone. Between gift-giving, travel, and keeping up with all parts of the ever-complicated modern family unit, nearly anyone can find themselves driven towards the nearest coping mechanism, whatever that may be. However, for… Read More

Puritanical America – why mind altering is natural and common

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(Article originally posted on Pro Talk) In the previous two articles we addressed the fears that moderation programs give permission to alcoholics to continue drinking (part 1) and that already sober alcoholics will run to drink again if moderation-training is… Read More