Obama and the changing of opiate policies

President Obama has shifted U.S. direction on opiate overdose approach

A recent move by the Obama White House is aiming to change the way law enforcement handles opiate (heroin, oxycontin, etc.) overdoses in the U.S. The move, creating a public-health-and-safety approach rather than the old-school incarceration doctrine we’ve been following… Read More

The Relationship Between Affect and General Health in SUD Treatment

Alternatives Addiction Treatment

Celeste Shields, Therese Todd, Sean Molnar, Ron Schemtov, Marina Jacome, Kate Bastida, Adi Jaffe. Emotional affect and physical health have been seen to hold a strong relationship. Prior research shows that negative affect is significantly related to poor physical and… Read More

Relationship of treatment goal selection and affect in SUD participants


Research has shown a positive relationship between negative affect and increased substance use, particularly in alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking. Whereas positive affect is less common in those with substance use disorders. We wanted to further examine the relationship of… Read More

Anxiety and Affect: Entering Substance Abuse Treatment

Anxiety and Affect.Its importance when entering substance abuse treatment.pdf

Anxiety and affect have been seen to play a major role in substance use disorder (SUD). Due to the high co-morbidity SUD has with anxiety, clients who are anxiety-prone individuals are seen to have more issues during treatment. Past research… Read More

Obamacare – The promise of addiction help… again

Alternatives Addiction Treatment

With more than 20 million Americans battling a debilitating addiction of some sort — be it chemical (i.e. alcohol, prescription painkillers), behavioral/process-oriented (i.e. gambling, sex, food), or a combination of both — how is it that, in any given year,… Read More