How parents (and governments) can fix the addiction problem

Disciplining teens - drug use
Parents often wonder what to do with their kid who is using drugs or drinking too much. For parents, this feels completely different than the problems the public-health and criminal justice systems have been having for decades. It’s much more personal and important.… Read More

Addiction, attachment styles and the disease model

Alternatives Addiction Treatment
Addiction treatment in the U.S. suffers from terrible success rates, and we believe that one of the main problems has to do with a flawed conceptualization of the problem itself. At a recent addiction conference, I sat down with Lori-Jean… Read More

Most people learn to change their drinking

It's not impossible for people to change their drinking
Fourteen years ago, before I went back to school to get my Ph.D. in psychology, I held a job as an SAT tutor and math teacher in an afterschool program in a beautiful Los Angeles suburb. Between pretty manicured lawns… Read More

What’s wrong with A.A.’s How it works passage

Alternatives Addiction Treatment
Imagine being diagnosed with cancer, going through a regimen of chemotherapy only to have the cancer return within months, and being told by your doctor that there must be something wrong with you and that he can’t treat you unless… Read More

New Alcohol Moderation Mastery Course

Drinking Wine
Do you drink too much alcohol and are unsure about how to achieve alcohol moderation? Many people who struggle with drinking aren’t looking to stop, but find it incredibly difficult to control and moderate their behavior. Finally, there’s a solution… Read More

Alcohol hangover cure – moderate drinking

Hangover cure
The search for a hangover cure seems never ending! So many people wonder how they can overcome the dreaded alcohol hangover so that they can function normally after a night of heavy drinking. Unfortunately, cures like “hair of the dog”… Read More

Neurotransmitters and life satisfaction

Alternatives Addiction Treatment
Dr. Jaffe conducts a couple of groups at Alternatives, including our psycho-education group. In this episode of “today with Dr. J.” he discusses one of the life satisfaction exercises from that group. While neuroscience research can sometimes be difficult to… Read More

Non 12-step Rehab Options

Non 12 step rehab can be hard to locate
If you’ve been looking for treatment for drug or alcohol problems, you know just how hard it is to find a non 12-step rehab option. Of the approximately 15,000 treatment providers operating in the United States (according to recent SAMHSA… Read More

Why are people scared of moderation treatment for alcohol?

Why are people so resistant to moderation treatment?
Moderation treatment is rarely offered in the United States. Why is that? When Dr. Jaffe published his recent article on Psychology Today, it created quite a stir on Facebook from people, mainly those who support 12-step (Alcoholics-Anonymous) based approaches. While this… Read More