Drug or Alcohol Consumption – What’s the difference?

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Is there any difference between drug and alcohol consumption?  Both are mind-altering.  Both are highly addictive.  Both can be dangerous. They only differ in their legal status and social acceptability: alcohol is legal, and street drugs aren’t. Because of this,… Read More

Treatment Goal Selection and Affect in SUD Participants

Alternatives Addiction Treatment
Treatment Goal selection research overview This recent poster from one of Alternatives’ research group, shows some difference in emotional well-being based on abstinence, or moderation, treatment goal selection. The results suggest that while treatment goal selection does not impact improvement on negative… Read More

Is medical marijuana a joke?

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There’s a heated debate happening between Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) and DEA chief Chuck Rosenberg. At question is whether a statement made by Rosenberg, that medical marijuana use is “a joke,” should get him kicked out of his job. Now the debate… Read More

Chronic stress and self-care in addiction

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Chronic stress is bad news.  We all know this.  But now it’s been scientifically proven that chronic stress can do serious damage to your body and brain. The human body reacts to stress in the same way it reacts to an infection.  Stress… Read More

In addiction, habit and choice are key!

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This is a popular debate among treatment professionals. Some say those who engage in substance abuse are in complete control of their actions. That’s the “choice and personal responsibility” theory. Others disagree. They feel the substance abuser has no control… Read More

Obama and the changing of opiate policies

President Obama has shifted U.S. direction on opiate overdose approach
A recent move by the Obama White House is aiming to change the way law enforcement handles opiate (heroin, oxycontin, etc.) overdoses in the U.S. The move, creating a public-health-and-safety approach rather than the old-school incarceration doctrine we’ve been following… Read More

The Relationship Between Affect and General Health in SUD Treatment

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Celeste Shields, Therese Todd, Sean Molnar, Ron Schemtov, Marina Jacome, Kate Bastida, Adi Jaffe. Emotional affect and physical health have been seen to hold a strong relationship. Prior research shows that negative affect is significantly related to poor physical and… Read More