Neurotransmitters and life satisfaction

Alternatives Addiction Treatment
Dr. Jaffe conducts a couple of groups at Alternatives, including our psycho-education group. In this episode of “today with Dr. J.” he discusses one of the life satisfaction exercises from that group. While neuroscience research can sometimes be difficult to… Read More

Non 12-step Rehab Options

Non 12 step rehab can be hard to locate
If you’ve been looking for treatment for drug or alcohol problems, you know just how hard it is to find a non 12-step rehab option. Of the approximately 15,000 treatment providers operating in the United States (according to recent SAMHSA… Read More

Why are people scared of moderation treatment for alcohol?

Why are people so resistant to moderation treatment?
Moderation treatment is rarely offered in the United States. Why is that? When Dr. Jaffe published his recent article on Psychology Today, it created quite a stir on Facebook from people, mainly those who support 12-step (Alcoholics-Anonymous) based approaches. While this… Read More

Private treatment for alcohol drugs and more

Private treatment is important for many
Many of our clients want to keep their struggles private. It’s the reason they were hiding their use in the first place, not only to allow it to continue but also in order to minimize shame and embarrassment. No one… Read More

Why Is CARA So Important?

Prescription drug monitoring is important
If you’re not familiar with CARA, it’s the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2015.  The reason it’s currently in the news is because it just passed the Senate with an almost unanimous vote.  Almost nothing passes the Senate with… Read More

Drug or Alcohol Consumption – What’s the difference?

Alternatives Addiction Treatment
Is there any difference between drug and alcohol consumption?  Both are mind-altering.  Both are highly addictive.  Both can be dangerous. They only differ in their legal status and social acceptability: alcohol is legal, and street drugs aren’t. Because of this,… Read More

Treatment Goal Selection and Affect in SUD Participants

Alternatives Addiction Treatment
Treatment Goal selection research overview This recent poster from one of Alternatives’ research group, shows some difference in emotional well-being based on abstinence, or moderation, treatment goal selection. The results suggest that while treatment goal selection does not impact improvement on negative… Read More