BAM Group


We know that Alternatives offers a profound paradigm shift through it’s non 12-step treatment approach. The BAM Group treatment program allows us to bring our Bio-Affective Management™ (BAM) treatment to a broader audience by reducing the time commitment, and cost, associated with Alternatives. The program still utilizes nearly all of the components of our world-renowned Life Transformation program but through the utilization of primarily groups rather than individual therapy.

This is the only program in Los Angeles to make non 12-step treatment for alcohol, drugs, or compulsive behaviors affordable and accessible to the general public!

In the BAM program, clients receive 9 hours of group therapy sessions as well as 1 hour of individualized biofeedback per week.

This includes:

• Affect-response regulation training ™ – Building awareness around the relationship between emotions & self-defeating behavior

• Mindfulness – Meditation & mood regulation techniques proven to help addicts regain a measure of control and reduce the occurrence of relapse

• Neuro-education – Guidance about the relationship between addiction & the brain as well as tools to compensate for neuronal deficits

• Structural Scaffolding Training™ – Evidence-based techniques to improve clients’ grasp on their daily activities & direction in life


In addition, clients get to utilize our advanced alcohol monitoring and assessment tools and, if they choose, can always add Biofeedback (through the Alternatives Brain Institute) and individual sessions as deemed necessary.


It’s like the best of all worlds rolled up into one program!